Friday, June 6, 2014

Charlotte Knights third baseman Matt Davidson calls his shot

Walking to the clubhouse before Friday's game, I asked Matt Davidson what he wanted to talk about following the game and the Knights third baseman replied, "My home run."

In Davidson's first at-bat in the second inning, he sent a ball into the left-field bleachers for his ninth home run of the season.

"We naturally kind of say stuff that maybe we don’t really mean, but I think the one thing that will do is show where our confidence is at when we do that," he said after the game. "I think when someone’s confidence they’re thinking about positive things and they're more likely to happen."

The 23-year-old’s average is still stuck below .200 (.184), but the long-balls have been coming as of late.

"The home runs have been coming which shows that it’s still there, which is definitely a confidence builder, you know," Davidson said. "When you’re hitting like this is can be a struggle, but it’s been turning around, it’s fun to hit and I’m just trying to stay positive everyday and work on it."